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Compitech is a leader in "Engineer as a Service" operations reflects a platform made in being relevant to our client for their current and future IT business services requirements.

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Low Cost, Higher Standards

Use our low cost model to raise a ticket. We have designed the cost structure keeping in mind your priority and the amount of support you require.

Community of thousand minds

Revolutionary platform to those creative minds who got more than meets the eye. It can be any of you working professionals,self-employed and students. We welcome all of you.

Secure and Robust Solutions

We care about your data, it is in the safe hands of our process which is perspicuous and limitless.

Experience Future of Support

We took a further step from the mainstream support. It is a community of engineers who work within a time-frame from anywhere around the world and takes full responsibility until the issue is fixed

COMPITECH introduces EAAS!! Engineer As A Service!!
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Compitech provides the platform to both customer and the engineers. Easy register!! No bidding required!! Raise ticket as per priority!! Out of SLA get DISCOUNT!!

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Our Services

Server Infrastructure

Regarding OS, storage and VMware Infrastructure issues.


Regarding issues with Oracle, DB2, SQL etc.

Data Analytics

Inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.


Regarding issues with AWS, OpenStack, Azure, GoogleCloud etc.

Programming Language

Regarding issues with development, automation and debugging.

Web Integration

Soon Available.

Customized Forum

Get configured open source forum for your blog or webhost.


Get your own customized ticketing tool.

Engineer As A Service

Compitech is a leader in "Engineer as a Service" operations reflects the investments made in being relevant to our clients for their current and future business process services requirements,” Globally, entities seek partners who can help them address the complexities of the changing business, regulatory and technology environments.

How it works


  • Get Registered first .
  • Open a ticket for operational issue or Raise service request for new short projects.
  • No Bidding , do the payment as per your delivery requirement
  • Engineer pick your case .
  • Get your issue resolved within predefined time line.
  • Engineer solves the ticket and get paid after customer confirmation.
  • For further improvisation or maintenance repeat the same process.

Access to unlimited tickets

We do not impose any limit to ticket assignment. No bidding allowed. First Pick First Serve. Bonus for MVP of the Week. Get registered fast.